Conber (1 Pack) Screen Protector for iPhone SE 2020 / iPhone SE 2nd Generation, Tempered Glass Film [Scratch-Resistant][Shatterproof] Screen Protector for iPhone SE 2020 / iPhone SE 2nd Generation

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  • [Please Note]: Designed specifically for iPhone SE 2020 / iPhone SE 2nd Generation, due to the curved edge design of the phone, our screen protector does not cover the entire screen only the flat area.
  • [Superior Protection]: 9H hardness and top quality tempered glass screen protector is impossible to scratch and will help to protect your screen from breaking. It is resistant to shattering or splintering. In case of tempered screen damage, the little pieces are stuck and kept together for safe deal with.
  • [Bubble-Free Installation Kit]: The cleaning cloth, dust removal sticker, and wet wipe ensure a bubble and dust-free application for the Conber screen protector.
  • [Support Fingerprint Sensor]: Ultra-thin design, no interference when using Fingerprint Sensor. You can enjoy the wonderful natural touch feeling of phone display, no reduction of screen sensitivity . Almost invisible on the screen, you barely can find it.
  • [Case-Friendly Design]: Extra space is left around the borders for your case to wrap around the edges of your mobile without interfering with the glass, compatible with most cases.

Product Description

Conber Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone SE 2020 / iPhone SE 2nd Generation
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
1. How does tempered glass protect my phone?
Tempered glass has been reinforced for many hours in order to increase it’s strength and provide better protection for your screen. Compared to ordinary glass with the same thickness, tempered glass could withstand an external force impact 3 times stronger. It will decrease the risk of the phone’s screen shattering when dropped or during collisions.
2. Does the screen protector show fingerprints?
Because of the oleophobic coating on our screen protectors, fingerprints won't stick and can be easily wiped away. We recommend using a microfiber cloth for quick and easy cleaning.
3. Why is the screen protector smaller than my screen?
Due to the Phone's curved edges, the screen protector is designed to be smaller than the actual screen to prevent bubbling and peeling at the edges. This also allows the screen protector to be used with most phone cases.
4. Does the screen protector affect sensitivity ?
No, it won't affect the touch sensitivity since the screen protector is only 0.26mm thick.
5. Does it come with a cleaning wipe to use prior to applying the screen protector?
1) Screen protector x 1
2) Cleaning wipe x 1
3) Wet wipes x 1
4) Dust-removal sticker x 1
6. How should I remove bubbles?
Before installing the screen protector, clean the screen according to the instructions included in the packaging. If bubbles still appear, here are some tips to deal with the problem: If the bubbles are large, lift the screen protector to eliminate them, then place the protector back in position.
If the the bubbles are small, press them for around 1 minute.