Alxum USB 2.0 Data Hub 4-Port USB Hub Long Splitter with 3.9ft(120CM) Extension Cable for Surface Book 2, Microsoft Surface Pro 4/3/2, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, Macbook Air, Chrombook, Aluminium, Black

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  • 4 port USB 2.0 or 1.1 devices to Compact size and portable. Easily expand by connecting up to your Macbook, Laptop, ultrabook, tablet PC and any USB 2.0 capable computer works with USB. Works with USB extension cable and reverse Compatible with USB 1.1
  • Designed with a built-in surge protector to keep your devices safe. Plug-and-Play; hot-plugging; driver free.
  • Designed with a built-in surge protector to keep your devices safe
  • Build in Overvoltage/Overcurrent/Leakage and Short-Circuit protection unit. The connection cable is attached to the hub -no need to worry about leaving it behind or losing it
  • Compatible with Windows XP /Vista/7/ 8 /8.1 (32/64-bit), Mac OS 10.10 or higher, Linux.(Pls Note: Item only sync data can not use it for charging.)

kaname alucard cross
May 18, 2021
Got this for a buddy got tired of watching him spend cash on multiple usb port wall and power port plug ins for vehicals so this seemed like a really decent idea and a gamble low and behold it was works with the goal zero light a life mini or anything with a usb port and even has a power light indocator so you know there is power going to the device looking forward to buying again
Samantha Thrower
February 14, 2021
The usb ports on my desktop are located behind the monitor; it made it difficult to plug devices in which is why I purchased this. The design is nice and now I just sit this in front of the monitor and plug my devices in easily; it was s great buy for the price and I would buy it again.
Other Guy
September 19, 2020
There are plenty of USB hubs out there, but I like how this one has a decent length cable (120cm = 1.2 m) so I can keep my laptop elevated and all the wires out of the way (i.e. not hanging off the side of my laptop like most hubs since they have to stay close to the port).

It also has a nice Apple-esque aesthetic that fits perfectly with my MacBook Air. The Micro USB port is an interesting addition, not sure how I would use that since that's usually for something that requires power (like on a phone)...
August 10, 2020
I wanted a kind of "poor mans" dock for my laptop to run my 3 wireless USB devices while at home, and it's working perfectly! I knew about the 500mA limitation from running this hub off a single USB 2.0 port, and I was worried about the 3 devices combined exceeding that limit, so I liked the option that I could plug in additional power via the micro USB power input.

Regardless, I would like to avoid using the additional power input if possible, so I also bought an "Eversame 2 in 1 Type C USB Tester LCD Digital Multimeter" to test each device's power draw individually. In the end, the combined total of the 3 devices was about 120mA, so I was well within the 500mA limitation. The 3 USB devices I'm running are:
-Jabra Link 370
-Logitech Unifying wireless adaptor
-generic Bluetooth 2.0 adapter

Now when I want to unplug my laptop and save battery while on the go, I just unplug this hub instead of the 3 individual USB devices. It's a great little solution. This hub hits the mark for me, especially being so affordable, and looks pretty good to boot.
telley tubby
July 15, 2020
SOOOOOO cool !!! We love it . no problems so far (: we just dont know what the port is for that is not a regular usb port . it looks like an android charger would fit there but it didnt come with a charger so were just confused on what could go there.
November 5, 2020
I purchased this for a new laptop and although it's point 2.0 I have found that it works great with my newer laptop. The cord is long enough and really, to me, seems longer than needed (which is not a problem). I have had cell phones, a mouse, USB drives, and a few other items plugged into the device with no problems. I have not had to plug in an external power source at all, either. If you can look past the fact it is 2.0 this is a great little splitter to have. I like the circular design and it is a bit stylish due to that design.
October 7, 2020
Perfect little extension/expansion hub for the basic needs. Due to the furniture construction I was having issues with the communication between my mouse/keyboard and the respective dongles placed in the PC and therefore needed an extension. Also needed a easy port to use for additional USB stick.
All in all exactly what I needed, though USB 3.0 would have been nice - but again, for the price I have no complain
October 24, 2020
The product is exactly what I needed and it is working as expected, although the ad says that the product is not for charging, I'm using it to charge my 2 Apple watches. Since the original Apple Watch cable is very small I needed something that I could use to connect the two of them in the center of a entertainment center. This works as expected!